Downloading data from ePIC

Data retrieved by ePIC can be downloaded to a text file, and will be sent to the email address you give as an email attachment. Normally the file will be created and sent straight away, but at times of peak usage there may be a delay.

To download data, do the following

1) Select the data sources to download. Only data sources which returned results for your query may be selected. If you clicked the download link from a detail result page, only that datasource will be included in the set of data sources to be downloaded, and it will be selected by default.

2) Choose the download format. At present we offer a text file in three formats: comma separated values (CSV), tab separated values, or XML. The latter is becoming a de facto industry standard for marking-up text, and is increasingly used for data exchange. The former two options will allow you to upload the data into most Microsoft Windows packages including Access and Excel.

3) Enter the email address that you want the file to be sent to. Please take care that you enter the correct email address!

4) Press the 'Download' button